Wurundjeri Research

Hey guys,

Great job on the interesting facts you found, here is a couple photos of your research.

We need to find some more Wurundjeri historical and current landmarks. Are there any in Macedon Ranges? What are they?
Is there any other information you have found out? Let us know!

Happy studying. See you tomorrow!

Tuesday Research


Lauren’s Pa’s visit

On the 17th of June my Pa came to school to talk to the year 4 students to talk about structures and bridges. It was nice of him to come today and I thank him for his time. He was an interesting person to have to talk to the year fours. We are doing a hot wheel investigation and making bridges and ramps and that is why he came. He works constructing and fixing bridges in Victoria and New South Wales.

Sunsmart Learning

The purpose is to increase student and whole-school awareness of SunSmart strategies.

The link below is a revised version of the NGPS SunSmart Policy this will help you to get started.

NGPS SunSmart Policy

The video links below may be helpful.

Sun Damage

UV Warning

Your task today is to create an Explain Everything project and then publish it as a video (under 60 secs.) suitable for your buddies.

You must include;

-more than one slide

-text box

-insert an existing photo/ video

-record audio

-pencil annotations

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