Ipad use and downloading

Hi everyone,

Do your best to download the apps on the ipad. Here is a link to assist you with the apps list.

The Puffin web browser has an age restriction but it is the same as safari, Google and Internet explorer in that it is a web browser. It is like all web bowsers, in that they need parent/teacher supervision so that you are aware of the content your child is researching.

REmember if you are leaving a comment, only leave your first name.

Apps list 2014


honey is bee food…

Today we found out about bees from Mr Simcocks, a real bee keeper. He asked us to think about why the bee might be the most important insect in the world!

What do you think, is he correct?

If you want any more bee information click on this link .



Great White Shark 3D now showing

As we will be looking at the marine biome this term you may be interested in watching this film at the IMAX theatre Melbourne.

It is said to explore;
Why sharks are an important part of the marine ecosystem?
What is their role at the top of the oceanic food chain?
What threats exist to shark populations around the world?
And, are they really the monsters we think they are?

This film is rated G.


A Bush Christening

The Grade 4′s have been rehearsing ‘A Bush Christening’ this week.

They have been focussing on the art of storytelling, by projecting their voice and altering their tone and pitch.

Grade 4′s please leave a comment regarding your perfomance.

Leave a yellow hat and a green hat comment.

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